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#WhatRetrogradeWillDo for Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def by Zaccai Free

There is no land for the black man,
progeny of contraband,
indigenous to a world which only validates white supremacy,
looking for a place that honors humanity--
oh these borders so fake,
the bonds of family they break,
the wealth they take,
the wars they induce...
what good are these borders?
what do they produce?
This one for you Yasiin,
may you live to see the realization of the dream,
where a man can live freely,
move freely,
express freely on the planet we came to freely


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Zaccai Free

Zaccai is a community activist, father, husband,  multi-talented artist, educator, facilitator and performer.

Zaccai is author of the children’s book Mbutu’s Mangos, publisher of My Mom Hugs Trees, and creator of the eco-awareness CD Earth Day Everyday.