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Creases Expelled from the Fold by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

Every day is a moment of clarity for

the melanated  folk

either waiting for your reasoning to reject our

humanity or witnessing yet another death by your hands

of souls wrapped in brown skin




the repitiion like drumbeats



into our minds that we are not valued



only to be spotlighted under the looking glass

of scientific inquiry

to be copied and cajoled

adorned prettily for corporate consumption

we have explained and hash-tagged our bodies

to request, beg and plead for the empathy

and solidarity as humans

to no avail




maybe if we were dogs, it would be easier I think

Would be heard and treated justly in less than a blink

Would save our necks from the proverbial leash

Would get to move freely about up and down the streets

Parks would be made just for us

To gather and convene

Ya’ll would love us in all our varied sizes and shapes and textures in between

Ya’ll would picket and boycott to save and protect our skin

If we had four legs or were the animals you treat us like

Maybe we could begin to win

Maybe freedom for us would begin

Maybe we would not be judged by our skin

Maybe we would not have to face police brutality again

Maybe we could stop protesting

Maybe we could stop marching




Maybe it is pretty awful

that a dog’s life is more stellar

Than being a human

black, brown, red or high yeller

Maybe it’s pretty terrible that after all the horror you inflict all you see

Is a need to extinguish the lives of people who just want to be free

Maybe it is high time folks stop trying to appeal to your conscience

Appeal to your heart and your mind

Maybe it is high time we realize your resistance is by design

You know who we are

You know we are human

You know we are worthy of respect

But, pushing past all your years of indoctrination that has shaped your belief that you are better is something you cannot so easily forget

You were promised superiority

But every day you’re confronted by the fact that you were told a lie

So, in your place of work, or whatever place you have power to assert

You go and give it a try

Like wrinkles that are resistant to the straightening of the heat

Every day a victory for you revolves around our defeat

Always trying to feel complete

There is a lot to say about those who only feel tall when others are on their knees

That feeling you got there is something you ain’t never gonna to appease

This back and forth is going to haunt us all until you come to grips

That we are here

We are here

Becoming more self-aware

More unified


And more bold

Forever wrinkling your plans of dominion

No longer creases expelled from the fold






A wall can’t be built to make this right for you

What you got broken inside is generational for you

This mediocrity you are confronting is what is hurting you

This failure to face the truth is what is hurting you

This false reality you keep trying to make real is what is lying to you

Wakkkkke uppppp!

Your dreams are hurting us all


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Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman is a writer born in Washington D.C. Learn more at