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Services by The Creative Midwife

(BEST SELLER) Story of My Creative Life by The Creative Midwife-- Biography Writing Service Package for Performing Artists, Authors, Executive Leaders, etc. ($150)

You need a professional biography for your creative business. Let The Creative Midwife craft your professional biography for your press kit, website, book jacket, and more! The Creative Midwife has written dozens of biographies for professional entertainers, executive leaders and small business owners. Biographies written by The Creative Midwife have been placed in national media, on label websites and on author books. A former writer for the digital spaces for the Soul Train, SoulBounce and Ebony Magazine brands, she understands how to craft compelling copy for placement. Holiday discount for new customers.

This package includes:

  • A standard long form professional biography; (a $75 value)
  • A short biography  of 100 words or less; (a $50 value)
  • A 75 word summarized bio, often used when promoting conference or show appearances on social media; (a $50 value)
  • A bio PDF designed with your bio written by The Creative Midwife and a photo selected by you. (request sample) (a $100 value)

You are saving over $100 with this package!

***Holiday Special**

Book now and receive this biography package for $75---> That's half the price! Until December 25, 2015.


Building My Creative Life with The Creative Midwife-- 4-day/ One Month Consult Package ($350)

You want to start living your creative life but have no clue where to begin. You want help organizing your time, developing your professional package, and getting booked. The Creative Midwife will help.

Whether a writer, performance artist, graphic artist or other type of creative entrepreneur, The Creative Midwife can guide you towards your first step and help you build from there.

The Creative Midwife will:

  • Meet with you weekly, virtually or in person, to build your weekly goals (a $75/hr value);
  • Lead you to discover your BIG TEN WINS (you learn what these are when you book your session) (a $100 value)
  • Guide you through weekly exercises to establish and execute your plan (a $200 value);
  • Offer resources and pertinent information to make meaningful connections and create the foundation for your creative business (a $200 value)

You are saving over $200 with this package!


The Creative Midwife Takes a Look at My Book- 4-Hour Editing and/or Organizing Packages ($350)

Package A-

Have a book idea but not sure where to begin? The Creative Midwife has you covered! This package includes:

  • A two-hour virtual or in person meeting to discuss book and begin outlining exercise;
  • Two 30-minute phone consultations during your writing process;
  • One hour-long review of your first draft with feedback given within the manuscript.

The Creative Midwife does not retain any rights to your work during the outlining and organizing process, even if she gives ideas and suggestions to you for character development or story line development.

Package B-

Finished with your book and need The Creative Midwife to become your editor? This package includes:

  • Four hours of reviewing your manuscript which can be divided into one hour at a time after each draft refresh or utilized in two-hour increments or the used in its entirety at once. Reviewing entails editing-- looking for consistency, story development, intention, and organization. Editing is not proofreading.

The Creative Midwife Photography and Video Services

The Creative Midwife is a professional photographer with the vision to help you meet your digital photography and video needs. Check out her portfolio and book her services today.

Contact for prices and details.

Gift certificates available in $100 increments

***Holiday Special**

Book now for 2016 and receive two-hour photo shoot for $150. Up to five people. Receive best twenty shots via email in less than 24-hours. (Editing included)

Book now for 2016 and receive a three-hour video shoot and editing package for your 5-10 minute performance art (poetry, book, music, live art, etc.), crowd source video, or promotional video starting at $200 (depends on length and type of video). (One location) Additional services such as video concept development is also available.

Email The Creative Midwife today to book!

Currently, photography services are available to clients located in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.



Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman (pictured above) is the Creative MidwifeTM, a professional creative who has built an expansive career as a playwright, educator, journalist and performer.

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