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Holtzclaw Raped My Mama by Zaccai Free

Crying, trembling wracked with sobs, this the end to his vicious job dehumanizing women
through the power of badge and gun…y’all think he’s the only one? haven’t seen many of their
kind convicted, watch the dawning awareness that whiteness won’t fix it, the rapidly blinking
eyes, the jaw constricted. You know you did wrong boy, now you gonna get it…well hell, jury
only found guilt on half the havoc you waged…if not for sloppiness with DNA Holtzclaw may
have walked away (white privilege pays)…as ones wakeup to news of justice today…is he the
only one? I say.
Holtzclaw raped your mama by the roadside,
fast and furious forcing her to comply,
the power of badge and gun, she too scared to run,
“Black bitch”
if his lips didn’t form the words his eyes told them…
as he preyed on what he thought easy marks
this “black bitch”, no one would console them,
who would believe such cast-asides as these?
a twisted calculation that allowed this beast to find courage as he wracked up victims…
Who knows of the women and girls who couldn’t be found?
Did Holtzclaw just rape when in uniform or
was he the high school rapist, a menace to the college dorm
offering netflix and chill until with cold calculation,
he seizes control of the situation and sweaty dick is what you’re tasting
“Shut the Fuck up” with the threat of closed fist, open hand, baton, bullet,
what type of man?
And no one else in the whole department knew? no clue?
no locker room whispers of how many he’d bagged?
Like we’re sposed to believe US soldiers don’t commit rape from Afghanistan to Baghdad!
as though sexual crimes aren't a tool of war,
why do we refuse to believe the evidence which truly must not be ignored?
Corruption reigns across the land,
too many examples to bury our heads in the sand.
We’ve seen cold blooded murder and what do we do?
Do you need to see this beast raping a woman or two?
Time in a box, getting jumped on the yard,
i’m sure brothers on the inside will give it to Holtzclaw hard
and is this the measure of justice so many await, revenge served cold by the state?
or is it the larger question we must ask;
Who are these men in badge and blue and what is their task?
How have they strayed from back in the days, when bounty hunters and paddy rollers plucked
black skins at will to rape, torture, abuse (sometimes kill) on the way to slavery’s hell?
Is the modern force simply a more polished version than its origins long past…
Do you even have to ask?


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Zaccai Free

Zaccai is a community activist, father, husband,  multi-talented artist, educator, facilitator and performer.

Zaccai is author of the children’s book Mbutu’s Mangos, publisher of My Mom Hugs Trees, and creator of the eco-awareness CD Earth Day Everyday.