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In Season by Chyna "Aphrodite" Ayres

It’s not the clothes she wears


It’s so easy to blame the girl

On why she gets treated the way she does

See if only she covered her body

The male population wouldn’t see her as a sex object

If only she portrayed the right manners

The male population would treat her better

If only she was capable of completing women duties

The male population would find her useful


It’s not the clothes she wears


We’ve been so brain-washed

To believe in these things

That women is the root of all of our problems

See if she wasn’t looking attractive in the office

We could have gotten more work done

See if she was at home raising the kids

There wouldn’t be any kids doing illegal activities in the streets

If only women knew how to take care of their men

There wouldn’t be no need for war

It’s not the clothes she wears


Since the beginning of time

Women has been placed in a box by men

While the men remained outside the box

Telling women

How to dress

How to talk

What to do

And how to act at home and in public

But who tells a man what to do

Besides another man

And when a man listens to a woman

It’s only because another man told him too


It’s not the clothes she wears


She can wear a swimsuit

And of course

She’s seen as a sex object

She can wear a loose sweater and boyfriend jeans

And be seen as a sex object,  too

She can also wear so much clothing

That only the eyes are visible

And remain seen as a sex object


The bottom line here,

It’s not the clothes she wears



Chyna "Aphrodite" Ayres

My name is Chyna Ayres and I’m from Capitol Heights, Maryland.  My stage name is Aphrodite. I have a passion for writing. I always had this passion from a very young age. I write poetry, non-fiction stories for both young adults and children, and articles on my blog. I am also the poet-in-residence for the university of maryland baltimore county (UMBC)'s Retriever newspaper. I am a student at Umbc.

I am also a Spoken Word Artist in the D.C, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area.  My poems have been featured in Prince George’s Community College’s Art & Literary Magazine Reflections.