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Loose Boards by Colie Aziza

It seems we keep trying to build on loose boards of cracked wood.

It seems we keep trying to pretend that the house is a sturdy one.

This is a micro of the macro, and I fight for truth and freedom-

so even if I want to cry for the fallen after awhile

I may become like the other zombies- undone,

but I can't!

my God won't let me.

I gotta sketch some joy on this wall-

a joy that grows so full that it smothers the pain-

and colors my life and my world completely.

Joy is what I need.

I will dance in the face of all of this.


I invite you to do the same


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Colie "Aziza" Williams

Colette Aziza (also known as colie williams) is a singer/songwriter, actor, teacher and writer born and raised in the Bronx, NY.  Colie has identified her music as-“Holistic Soul”-music that infuses a variety of rhythms, feel good music that lifts and inspires. She is currently promoting her  single “Strange Fruit”, the remake of Billie Holiday's classic tune that follows the successful release of her single "Natural" (2013) and debut of her CD “Light Up The Darkness” released in 2011. 

An early-childhood educator, Colie is also an author. She has been published in Reflections Literary & Arts Magazine, and debuted in 2016 her first children's book, Corey's Dreams.  Visit her online at