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Next Generation by Serena T. Wills

Minding my business on a hot summer day in Plano, TX

105 degrees

Sun beating on me

I pulled into the station

Mumbling that my tank was yet again on E

A voice whispered keep driving

The enemy is near

I shook it off

As I pulled up next to the pump

Figuring nothing can happen

Since it was so hot no one else was there but me

Leaning on my truck playing with my kinks

Humming to the beats happily

The same voice inside me

Told me


Stop whatcha doing

Get back in the car and ignore the enemy that creeps behind thee

I put the gas cap on still smiling

Taking in the fact that I saved a couple of dimes on cheaper gasoline

As I sat in my seat and fiddled with my cd player

Pumping track six on the new Kirk cd

I arranged my rearview

All I could see

Was the huge chrome grill

Peering at me

Of the black pick up truck

That mysteriously pulled right up behind me

I turned on my ignition

Steadily observing

That in the station it was still only me

Six other pumps stood empty

Before I took my truck out of park

The big black truck honked at me

Yelling racial obscenities

I narrowed my eyes

As I reached for the handle to get out

So I could confront the woman behind me

Something pulled me back inside

And told me

That is the enemy…and believe me they will never win

When I pulled away I noticed the girl behind the steering wheel

Tried to hit me

I shook it off as I circled the gas station

Thinking I know I ain’t going crazy

No one else is here but me

When I passed I noticed there were six other people

Packed inside the black truck

Of white skin tone

Waving and yelling more racial obscenities

They yelled things that told me

How they hated the color of my skin

The curly kinks of my hair

Go back where I came from

And my curves that the woman who was now pumping gas

More than likely craved for

But I had something more

You see I wasn’t alone in the gas station

And I listened to Him eventually

If I didn’t who knows where I would’ve been


When I looked behind me

All I saw was her

When I passed by

God pointed out six more

The voice told me

They think they won

But you are the winner for walking away

This is My Battle

I protected you because even though you strayed away

From me once

You came back

Take this struggle

And learn from it

Remember I do all things to teach you a lesson

When I pulled out of the station I looked back once more

As they waved

Still yelling racial slurs

I said God

I’m scared

There’s another generation

Of hateful people

Because they were my age

And only you know what they are teaching their children

Another vicious cycle

Starting yet again

God responded and said

I told you, I will take care of it

And you are right

Only I know what they are teaching their children

They meaning those who are not like Me

Those who choose not to walk along side Me

But you know what to teach yours

And your children’s children

And generations to come

For I taught you

The enemy won’t defeat you

It was 105 degrees

On a hot sunny day

In Plano, TX

When I thought I was alone in that gas station

Pumping cheap gasoline

A shield held back the enemy

And I knew I was in the presence

Of He

Date and Time of incident, August 4, 2008 at 6:56pm

(Author's Note: “Hate comes in all colors, genders, shapes and sizes. Don’t let the enemy. Meaning don’t let anyone no matter who they are, what their skin tone, beliefs or wanna be knowledge try to defeat you. For they don’t walk a righteous path. They will never win.”)


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Serena T. Wills

Serena Theresa Wills is a native New Yorker and currently resides in the Washington, DC area. She is author of Pieces of Life, Reconstruction:Volume One,  her first poetry book. She has been featured in numerous publications, including: Gumbo for the Soul--Women of Honor—Special Pink Edition edited by Beverly Black-Johnson, Have a Little Faith and Keeping the Faith edited by Vanessa Miller, Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul and Liberated Muse Volume II: Betrayal Wears a Pretty Face edited by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman, and Cornbread, Fish and Collard Greens edited by Khafre Abif.

Serena has an extensive background in the nonprofit field concentrating on youth development, literacy and arts education. She uses her writing and spoken word art to provide workshops to school age children to help them with writing, communication skills and public speaking. Serena is a mother and spends her spare time being an advocate for Lyme Disease and Ovarian Cancer, enjoying family, traveling, running, African dance and serving her community through the sisterhood of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

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