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Editor Acknowledgements

Thank you to the contributors included in this collection. This third and final collection in the Liberated Muse anthology series offers explosive commentary on experiences born from a landscape of color through different viewpoints. It was a pleasure providing a platform for your work.

Thank you to those who continue to support the work of Liberated Muse. You are appreciated. 

Book Launch Celebration (March 2017)

The preview party for the anthology Liberated Muse Volume III: Creases Expelled from the Fold took place on Saturday, March 18th on the Living Stage at Red Lion Hotel Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD. Contributors featured in the anthology as well as Baltimore-based performers Quinton Randall and Sista Inora presented.

Book Launch Trailer/Promo

Virginia A. Spatz shares her poem about her experience on a bus in traffic during the 2017 Women's March in Washington, DC. This poem is one of the many poems featured in the third anthology from Liberated Muse called Liberated Muse Volume III: Creases Expelled from the Fold

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