Liberated Muse Arts Group

Who'll Pay Reparations For My Soul

"Still I Rise" written by Maya Angelou, performed by Liberated Muse Group

"Us" written by Anonamas, performed by Liberated Muse Group

"Who'll Pay Reparations for My Soul?" Performed by Liberated Muse Arts Group, written by Gil Scott-Heron, who originally performed this song.

Filmed by Ben and Khari Dawson

Film Edited by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman


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Liberated Muse Arts Group

Liberated Muse is an eclectic troupe of professional artists presenting progressive music, theatre and spoken word performance representing the dynamic dimension of the culture of people from the African diaspora. Members include Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman (Khadijah Moon), Colie "Aziza" Williams, Anonamas Grooves and Lyn Artope.

Liberated Muse has appeared in festivals and venues throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area including the Carter Barron as part of the DC Poetry Festival, the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum, the United States Peace Corps, DC Public Library System, Prince George's County Library System and the Alexandria Library System in Virginia.